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Your behavior helps you to create an identity in life, these Behaviour Quotes for improving your behavior to get you respect everywhere.

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Top Behaviour quotes

1. “There is power in your behaviour that can change the behavior of anyone towards you.

2. “Do not change your behavior with someone’s false praise and flattery, it will benefit them, not you.

3. “There is so much ability in your behavior that you can make friends to enemies, and enemies to friends.

4. “Your behavior towards animal is the difference between human and animal, whether you are human or animal.

5. “What is going on in your heart and mind, it will come in your behavior, whether you hide it will be seen.

6. “Your behavior is such a mirror, which presents all the things inside you in front of everyone.

7. “Your behavior is not what you think, it is what you believe and feel.

8. “If you want to increase your value in front of people, then you have to change your behavior.

9. “How you will improve your behavior, you have to do it by filtering the things going on inside you, not from others.

10. “If your behavior is good then your mindset will also be good and if the mindset is good then everything is good.

Human Behaviour Quotes

11. “You cannot change your nature, but by controlling it, you can improve your behavior.

12. “Sometimes you should not make changes in yourself to make people show off, just change yourself.

13. “You are only looking for a behaviour that you like, except that which is good. as well as

14. “If we are saddened by the self-treatment of others, we should not misbehave with them.

15. “Your friends are your family or your family is your friend, it’s up to you.

16. “Not only humans but also animals and birds are affected by your behavior.

17. “Humanity is inside the person who feels like he acts like that.

18. “If you treat dogs like them, they themselves will not consider you human.

19. “Animals also recognize human behavior even if they cannot behave like humans.

20. “Whichever house you go to, your reception will depend on how your relationship and behavior with them has been.

Behaviour Quotes for Students

21. “Sometimes teacher treats his students well, but the students do not likes, but teachers should not change their behavior.

22. “Students have more confidence in their own nature, they do not control behavior but dissolve in it.

23. “We encourage all students to behave well, but are not able to show them examples.! therefore

24. “Students you adopt the good qualities and behavior of your teachers or do only what they say.

25. “The student who ignores the teacher’s behavior would be the worst.

26. “You cannot change the environment that changes you, but you can change yourself.

27. “Your attitude is responsible for your respect and mistreatment of people.

28. “It is a very wrong rite to keep your word before the others words are fulfilled.

29. “Weak people never forgive anyone, there are powerful people to forgive, you have to be kind.

30. “Whether it is a teacher or a student, both people should behave well with each other.

Thoughts on Behaviour and Attitude

31. “That person cannot change anything, who cannot change his attitude and nature,

32. “Your thinking makes you attitude, your attitude makes you behave, your behavior determines your destination.

33. “Your feelings, your knowledge, and your passion is responsible for your attitude and your behavior.

34. “Your wrong attitude makes others behave wrong towards you.

35. “Do not end the peace inside yourself due to the wrong attitude of others.! as well as

36. “Your knowledge reflects in your behavior, correct it, everything will be correct.

37. “People have no meaning with your attitude, just by the attitude you have towards them.

38. “You can control everything, but your nature keeps you under control.

39. “Your ability is what you deserve to do, and your attitude is how you do it.

40. “You are responsible for why you acted like this, no matter what you are feeling.

Behaviour and Character Quotes

41. “Your bad attitude can tarnish your beauty, but your beauty cannot hide your bad attitude.

42. “Your character is what you have done, your attitude is what you are doing.

43. “Having good thinking will make your habit even better, your habit will improve your character.

44. “People keep an eye on your character, so improve it.! as well as

45. “We become famous about how people have assessed us.

46. “What you are is recognized by your character and your attitude.

47. “You show attitude with people according to your needs, whether they are good or bad.

48. “Gentlemen always deal with wells according to the antics of the people in front,

49. “People do not think the way you think, they understand the way you do.

50. “Your attitude will change only when you change your behavior and understand the difference between right and wrong.

51. “Your behavior is your seed and the behavior of people is the fruit of the tree made from that seed.

52. “If you want to understand the behavior of people, then look at them and compare them with your behavior.

53. “Studying yourself is the first step to improving your attitude, try it on yourself. as well as

54. “Behavior away from society also distances you from social knowledge.

55. “Treat your people well and treat them well in front of others, and if you want to make it your habit, then feel it with your heart.

56. “The love inside you is visible in your eyes, that’s why people accept your love and love you without even telling you.


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