Dark Souls Quotes

Any souls seen in the dark, it is not necessary that they are evil. Inspirational DeskTops will try to clear the illusion and evil inside you through these Dark Souls Quotes.

Everything seen in the dark is not scary or evil. So do not be afraid, day and night come in life, it is light or dark, enjoy everything carefully.

Dark Souls Quotes

1. “Darkness means no light, just nothing more than this.

2. “How will the soul be able to see in the dark when it does not even have an eye, but you have it.

3. “Some people have dark hearts, their souls are also black, the same people spread confusion in the dark.

4. “We see things in the dark, not with eyes, with our beliefs and from the perspective of the things heard. This is where confusion begins

5. “Every sound that comes from the darkness is not necessary by any soul, that wind can also move.

6. “The soul inside you is holy, and the Holy Spirit should not be afraid of anyone

7. “We always see dreams in the dark, but why are we afraid of the dark,

8. “The inner soul cannot see that which sees the eyes or what is right, rather it sees only what is our mind,

9. “Confusion is born in darkness not the souls, stay away from it.

10. “Everything is good, it will be good. Those who believe it are not filled with darkness.

11. “When you start to get scared, it doesn’t come out of your mouth with words, which has nothing to do with the truth.

12. “We all live life through the experience of life, so why are we afraid of having a soul in some darkness without experiencing it,

13. “Some powers become powerful in the dark but not more than you.

14. “When you are with people, the soul does not come, you think you have this illusion too.

15. “There is no soul like a ghost or black soul, except illusion.

Dark souls Quotes about fire

16. “If there is a soul in the dark, it can look like fire.

17. “Souls are neither afraid of fire nor dark, nor can they scare you.

18. “You also have a soul in which you are afraid, it is even weaker than this.

19. “God is with you above, and the life below is alive, why are you afraid of those who do not live in this world.

20 “The smile on your face is alive, you are living the way you live.

21. “Do not be afraid of those evil spirits, even in the dark she cannot do anything for you.

22. “The power of the soul increases in the dark, it is nothing more than a rumor.

23. “It is dark when the light goes out, and when the light comes, it has to go.

24. “Do not be afraid of the darkness, it is very weak, it is also in the dark itself, that is why it also keeps you.

25. “There were souls in this unknown world even when there was too much light, even now when there is too much darkness, it cannot do anything to you.


These dark quotes with souls were presented by Inspirational Desktops with the aim of removing the strong fear and confusion inside you.

If these quotes presented by us reach your soul, then share it to other souls, mean share with your friends and close associates. And comment to reach us with your questions or any suggestions.

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