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Unique Gentleman Quotes

1. “Do not show that you are a gentleman,! be a gentleman, and try to make a refined man until you feel yourself,

2. “It is more difficult to maintain respect than to earn respect,

3. “Your respect is like a pile of cotton, which takes time to make, even if a spark is found, there is no time to burn,

4. “It is important to food and sleep comfortably for better life, but it is more important to people make your respect, and to be called man of honor.

5. “Whatever you give, you will get back from the same people, if you want respect, then make a habit of giving,

6. “You are a gentleman, you know that people keep your actions in mind,

7. “Even the world knows you who believe in yourself

8. “You do what you think, and what you do makes your image,

9. “People do not respect the gentlemen only in front of them, people do the same behind their back,

10. “The real honor is that people respect you in your absence, as well as

11. “The identity of a gentleman is that he does not look like a gentleman, he is a gentleman.

12. “Gentleness does not come with age, gentleness comes with knowledge.

13. “After knowing your lack, people do not respect you but only have compassion for you,

14. “Gentle people settle in everyone’s heart, and wicked people settle in everyone’s mind, the decision is yours to settle in the heart or the mind, as well as

15. “There are many ways to get success, but only one way to get respect is to make a gentleman.! therefore

Gentleman Quotes for Instagram

16. “A gentleman never, does not hurt anyone’s soul, even also inadvertently, this is his specialty.

17. “It is not that good people never have to face bad circumstances, but gentlemen never make anyone else’s situation worse.

18. “Bad people have their own area, they are very happy in that, but gentlemen are everywhere and they are honored.

19. “True people do not give any advice unless they try themselves.

20. “Good people want to spread education and knowledge, but bad people only and only evil.

21. “All of us keep meeting gentlemen at some time, so can we not adopt their knowledge and qualities.

22. “If you want people to be respected like King, then you have to work like King.

23. “Life is too short make it better don’t waste it.

24. “Don’t force anyone to love you, but don’t leave any other option for them other than that.

25. “Gentlemen laugh when other people laugh because of them.

26. “You should do that to others like others have done to you.

27. “Gentlemen do not consider achieving any one goal as success, but gentlemen believe that everyday to improve themselves success.

28. “Gentleness is reflected by the words of the gentleman, for that, he has no introduction.

29. “Those who say but do not, and do not feel embarrassed after that, are not gentlemen.

30. “The heart of a gentleman is very holy and his intelligence is also very sharp.

Gentleman Quotes for his Lady

31. “The man who keeps his wife happy is a gentleman.

32. “A quarrel with a woman drunk with alcohol is not a sign of gentleness.

33. “Taking care of your life partner is gentleness and not slavery.

34. “Being born is due to God, wisdom is the reason for your age, but gentleness is the reason for your choice.

35. “I never accept such a life in which there is no gentleness and respect for my wife.

36. “He who is the most dull person has won everyone’s heart with dignity.

37. “When you treat elders and women and after that they call you gentleman, then it is only what makes you a true person.

38. “You do not inspire anyone, yet people take inspiration from you, that is, you are a gentle person.

39. “One who cannot pay attention to his stupidity cannot be a gentleman.

40. “There can be no respectable husband beating his Lady.

Rules of a Gentleman Quotes

41. “Those who do not accept their illiteracy are unaware of the rules of a gentleness.

42. “Gentleness can also be learned like any other, it is not a violation of any rules.

43. “Bad people can like good people but a good person can never do bad.

44. “Gentleness comes not by nature but by self-sacrifice and understanding.

45. “The great men had the ability to get every person to be honest and simple, to make them see the right path.

46. “A gentleman does not go against the rules of the government, is not subject to the rules of the government.

47. “Someone who deliberately hurt someone in complete Wholeheartedly cannot be a true and good person.

48. “Nobody has a certificate of gentleness, it is only shown by the conduct of the people.

49. “The biggest truth of the world is that everyone talks about making a gentleman but no one becomes a gentleman himself.

50. “Do not leave your loved ones alone, but do not be a burden on them.

51. “Gentle boy respects every woman, be it your mother or someone else’s mother Or is it his girlfriend.

52. “Arguing with a foolish person is a waste of time. You cannot even beat him because you are a gentleman and not a fool.

53. “People who stand up and speak their words politely are courageous, and those who listen politely are also courageous.

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