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You will find here good afternoon quotes, in the afternoon greet your friend your colleague in the afternoon in a new way with unique Good afternoon Quotes,

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Good afternoon quotes

1. “Started the day, along with tea, it will be night with darkness, spend the afternoon with me,

2. “If the beginning of the morning is good, then the day goes well and if you start the afternoon with a lovely smile, then by the evening your mood becomes good,

3. “Do what you did not do in your morning, do it now, and do not get it in the morning, follow it in the afternoon, such is our blessing.

4. “Your whole day will be considered good only when the afternoon is wonderful.

5. “May your life be colored with a magic, it should start from this afternoon itself.

6. “Many dreams which you had seen, the night should be fulfilled today before it happens again.

7. “When we wait for midday for winter sun, we miss you every afternoon.

8. “The peace that you get at night will not be found in the afternoon, but the success you do not get at night is my blessing, you will get it in the afternoon.

9. “A beautiful smile has been sent, such a smile is sent on your lips. keep smiling.

10. “You will be happy when you are with everyone, but when you are alone, my prayers are with you.

Good afternoon quotes for friends

11. “Afternoon black coffee makes your day white and your life brighter.

12. “Friendship is not identified by drinking with wine in the night but walking in the sunshine in the afternoon.

13. “If you are happy, then your friends are also happy, whether it is day or night or hard sunny afternoon, this friend is always with you.

14. “Will be beaten in the afternoon, evening will come only after evening, when the two of our friends come together.

15. “The afternoon is not just the middle of the day, it is the time by which half of your work should be completed.

16. “Do you have nothing to do in the afternoon then wait till the evening and have fun.

17. “People do not appreciate the success that they get with luck, so work hard to achieve.

18. “Your dreams are more important, so why have you been giving so much importance to rest.

19. “Beauty is more effective in the eyes, rather than the beauty of the face.

20. “History cannot be made but you can learn from history.

21. “You get the name from birth, you get recognition by the way you live life.

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