Good Night Quotes for 2021 To Good Hearted Person in English

This is the Best Unique Good night Quotes with Images for you and your close ones,! which you can send a message of good night wishes to your friends family and your close ones, as well as

Best Unique Good Night Quotes

1. “The night has been blown away by your smile,! the moon has been lighting by seeing you, as well as


2. “You are always happy, it’s moon also says,! if it is day, the sun also says together, you are shining like stars,! If I ask from the heart, the same thing comes out every well as


3. “There is darkness on the path of the goal,! but the day comes only when it has happened the night before,! do not be afraid of the darkness, enjoy the night, as well as


4. “No matter how dark it is at night, you have the power to light it,! and you have the power to succeed in the path you intend, as well as


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5. “I have sent prayers from my heart, I have sent a witness keeping the moon,! all the happiness you got in your life,! the glimpse can be seen.! today in your dream.! I have sent all the happiness in my heart, as well as


6. “Mother’s prayers! will be affected.! day or night journey,! your companion! will be seen together,! make it easy for you to see the whole world in front of you. as well as

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7. “Those who work hard do not wait for the day,! if it is night, then they plan their dreams, they keep their people happy by being happy in every situation,


8. “You smile in your dreams, this is in my heart,! i wish all your dreams come true”, as well as


9. “Your blessings have brought great colours,! I also there succeed where deep ditch, make mercy on me, friend, and this fellow is your shadow,

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10. “Good night, this thing is good, meet with you, it is good together, all that came in your dream is true,


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11. “The stars glow with their own light, they illuminate the sky with their light, you also brighten your home and society, with your skills and wishes,


12. “You glow like a firefly, in the litigants of the stars; these gardens blossomed in the place where you stepped,

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13. “May all the white dreams! be colored to you,! the river from which you take a bath, became salty like the sea, make friendship with you that will become rich like Akbar,


14. “The sun is shining in your eyes, your face is in my thoughts, as the moon is important for the earth, and similarly you have a place in my life.


15. “Before going to bed, decide the plan for tomorrow, Sleep without worry, wake up in the morning with enthusiasm, to complete the unfinished work of the yesterday,Good Night Quotes,

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More Good Night Quotes

16. “Without worrying you go on the way,! books of life are being read,! you keep on growing in life, just as the river is moving towards the sea


17. “Let’s ride the messengers, in the gardens of the dream, you will get everything, No one can imprison you in their chain.


18. “The picture reflects your look. Your words make you image, whatever you see in the dream, it will become true in the morning. Quotes


19. “I have sent a message in the envelope, I have sent a non-visible lantern to erase the darkness of the night, I have sent a pen to you for write your destiny, as well as


20. “Let the streak of your hands shine in the moonlight, when you go to sleep, dreams come true before night. as well as


21. “Let me look you before you sleep, we do this desire again and again, you promise to come again, I will wait for you all my life,


22. “Thinking this i am sleeping, i could see you in the dream.


23. “Daylight is not available in the night, if you get together, there is no need for any other well as


25. “It is the strength in sleep that removes every fatigue.


25. “Tomorrow will be better than today, just be happy stay cool.

26. “Sleep comfortably tonight, a new beginning is waiting for you tomorrow.

27. “With the lantern in the moonlit night, let’s go to the moon in the path, with the queen of dreams.

28. “If you want to make your night or sleep deep at night, then spend the day working hard.

29. “The night is for your rest, the day is for your work, you will work during the day only when you can sleep comfortably at night.

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30. “The speed grows faster. Finish worrying that fast, be carefree to remember your good work.

31. “I pray that your night is very beautiful and comfortable, and the coming day is a thousand times more beautiful

32. “The dream you see between your sleep and waking up is all that is my wish.

33. “You are beautiful at heart, every moment of yours flows like your heart is beautiful.

34. “The day is sitting with your memories, the night is happy to have you, but in the day it does not lose you again, it is sitting in trouble.

35. “Everyone’s life should be happy, whoever does not get it should be with you.

36. “Keep your hands on your heart and close your eyes and take the name of God, everything will be fine and all happiness will be with you.

37. “May your life partner be with you, be it day or night, please you and your thoughts first.

38. “When you sleep, in your dream, you become the happiest person in the world. Wake up when you get everything from you in the same way.

39. “It is our wish that God fulfills your every dream, you get everything in one night of a lifetime and that night is going to be the same.

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