Kingdom Hearts Quotes To Good Hearted Person

There are “Quotes of Kingdom Hearts” for you all, which can help you to become a heart winner and also to build an empire in someone’s heart.

To rule one’s heart is also an art, to win over one’s heart is also an art, to settle in people’s hearts, to build their empire is the best wealth of life.

-: Kingdom Hearts Quotes :-

1. “Everyone’s heart is ready to lose, just try it with a good heart.

2. “Understand that no one is good enough to win hearts, he should also feel for it.

3. “It is not easy to build your empire on someone’s heart, for that you also have to be honest.

4. “We can win someone’s heart on the basis of the heart, but the contribution of the mind does not diminish.

5. “The person you care about, the person you love, you establish kingdom over his heart.

6. “To win someone’s heart and build a home in his heart, you must have a big heart.

7. “You will get as much respect as you deserve, neither less nor more than that.

8. “There is no way that you can make fool anyone’s heart, you have only one way to honesty simplicity and truth.

9. “You can lie to someone, but his heart knows your truth.

10. “You show your intention, you show your truth, you will get everything you deserve.

11. “Everyone looks at you to do something that they can like you,

12. “A scattered person does not even know his dreams, he takes the sympathy of the people but cannot find a place in the heart.

13. “When there is no light, things will not be seen, but the thing that comes out of your heart will reach the heart, it does not wander the way,

14. “If you avoid thanking someone, then you can also avoid settling in his heart.

15. “Do not deal with someone after helping them in their sympathy.

Kingdom Hearts Quotes Darkness

16. “Darkness can never darken your mind, it can just distract you from the path, keep an eye on the road.

17. “Drowning in the darkness gives you the light of knowledge, it reaches you to the hearts of people.

18. “Your mind may lead you astray, but your heart will stop you, do not ignore it, so that your kingdom will be established.

19. “You do not hold people responsible for what you will get, but what you lose, why do you consider others responsible for the darkness that is in your life.

20. “Sitting in a dark room, you have thoughts inside, but you have to come out to use them, otherwise it will not be of any benefit.

21. “Creating a kingdom on someone’s heart is not so easy, so don’t just think, do something.

22. “You can beat someone by attacking him, but you cannot beat his heart, for that you have to welcome him.

23. “Sometimes you think of approaching people, but you go away, you should think about it.

24. “Freezing does not give you a chance, but it definitely takes you.

25. “As simple as you are, people find it as difficult, and people are not used to keeping difficult things in their heart.

Kingdom Hearts Quotes About Light

26. “No matter how bright the light is, no one can see the mind, it can be felt even in the dark if someone can.

27. “If you had not reduced your efforts. So you could illuminate anyone’s heart by making it a kingdom.

28. “No one has avoided identifying your mental condition, just refrained from explaining your heart.

29. “Look at whom people welcome, those with good brains or those with a good heart.

30. “It is not necessary to be alright in a room full of light, but if there is darkness in the heart then everything is wrong.

31. “How bad your dreams are, they do not affect you until you accept it and extinguish the flame of your hope.

32. “Whatever you do, whether any one like it or not, it should leave an impact on everyone’s heart.

33. “Those who do not understand your words, they read your eyes, how will you hide from him.

34. “You can welcome people with smile, but to win someone’s heart, you have to make yourself the reason for smiling.

35. “If someone left an impact on your heart, it is not necessary for your rights, it may be his habit.

36. “I did a lot of good work but could not make a place in the heart of people because I did all this for myself only.

37. “Light helps you to see someone’s beauty, but not to see the beauty of his mind.

38. “For the beauty of the mind, it is important for the mind to be beautiful. If the mind is dirty then everything will look dirty.

39. “Hearts never see each other, but they always recognize each other by feeling.

-: Inspirational Kingdom Hearts Quotes :-

40. “Go wherever you are, no matter how crowded or alone, my heart is always with you.

41. “The heart of others will inspire you to make your heart good if you feel it then.

42. “Inspiration takes the mind, the heart filters it and gives it a place in the heart, this process is also with you.

43. “The middleman, who inspires erasing middle distances, is your heart. Otherwise, the mind is as mean.

44. “My soul goes ahead leaving something there, but the mind stimulates it not to leave it.

45. “Beating fast does not always mean his fear, sometimes he also gives some indication, we should understand that.

46. “The one who is afraid of his own shadow is the bad thoughts in your mind.

47. “If your behavior is good, then you can build your empire both on someone’s heart and his mind, that too with his consent.

48. “You can make him your enemy by giving tit for tat answer, but if he understands your heart’s, then you can become friends.


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