Krishna Quotes for Krishna Devotees

These Best quotes have presented on the lines of Lord Shri Krishna.

God of the Gods, Lord Krishna, who took the incarnation in human form to set the example and destroy evil,

Based on the life and thoughts of the same Lord Shri Krishna, these Krishna quotes have been presented by Inspirational DeskTops.

Lord Krishna Quotes

1. You live life successfully from doing good things after thinking good things.


2. There is no benefit from growing big like palm, it is very beneficial to have a small plant like basil,


3. You does not get best results just by wanting, You have to do best work to get best results,


4. A plum tree has to planted for the plum fruit to grow. plum not growing on acacia tree,


5. Your Worrying for tomorrow will spoil your today,


6. If you can’t smell like flowers, don’t prick like a thorn, as well as


7. Only your good deeds illuminate your life,


8. Parents have a higher status than God, worship God or do not, but worship the parents,


9. Take your own burden, do not make others a partaker,


10. Devotion to God cannot done only by doing devotion, you have to do righteousness,


11. As you keep your body clean, do your mind as well as


12. Think on what is worth considering, don’t waste time on everything,


13. Life is available for a limited time, so take care of time,


14. Reincarnation is essential, but as worthy as you are,


15. You have all those things that you want.


16. What you are thinking will not found on, you will get what you are working on.


17. You try a thousand, do few good things,


18. You can change the lines of hands by doing good deeds,


19. If you wake up in the morning, says Ram’s name, if the afternoon, the name of God then becomes life best,


20. If you want to see dignity, look at Shri Ram, if you want to see the promise, then call to God Krishna,


More Krishna Kanhaiya Quote

21. “Prahlada was also a son and Shravan was also a son, both are considered correct whereas the opposite was by nature,

22. “People who are unhappy with losing are not the ones who have patience,

23. “Everything in life is unstable Do not consider anything forever,

24. “What you have today, tomorrow someone else will have, as well as

25. “Do not regret what you have not received and do not boast of what you have received,

26. “Neem tree is bitter but very useful,

27. “God does not identify the devotees with the character, not with the face.

28. “The person who considers his existence as zero, recognizes his self-knowledge and finds a place in God’s shelter.

29. “He who loves everyone can also be kind, not necessarily flattering.

30. “God’s blessing is at birth, and even at death, if you have done good deeds.

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