Lord Shiva Quotes for Mahadev devotee

Inspirational DeskTops are going to present to you the quotes of the great Lord Shiva Mahadev,

Lord Shiva is considered the god of gods in Hinduism, that is why he is called Mahadev,

Those who are considered the destroyer of sin and sinners,! and they are called the most innocent gods among all the gods,

These quotes are for you on the lines of the thoughts and suggestions of Lord Shiva.

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Lord Shiva Quotes

1. “Happiness and sorrow are not altogether different; One is, your sacrifice to the things of the world can lead to the ultimate happiness of life,

2. “Those who have God in their heart, they do not have to be in front of God to worship them,! they always see the Lord with their eyes of mind.

3. “Truth is everything that is with truth, it is with supreme happiness,

which is removed from the path of truth, its life passes in confusion,

4. “There is a special benefit of worshiping Lord Shiva on the day of Mahashivaratri, all the wishes of the person who truly worships Lord Shiva on the day of Mahashivaratri, are fulfilled.

5. “It is wrong to discriminate between a boy and a girl.

Some people are ignorant, they do not know about the powers of girls,! both should be given equal rights, as well as

6. “True love is the one that is so rooted in the person who loves him that when he goes away, the person goes away from himself,

he should be happy in his happiness, he feels his pain also, that is love,

7. “Those who hide in themselves are not hidden from God, they know everything,

8. “Life is the time between birth and death, make life after birth and enjoy it till death.

9. “God is with the one who is with the true mind, not the one whose body is clean but not the mind.

10. “God is not pleased with the offerings offered by your wealth, he is pleased with the worship done with mind and reverence.

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11. “Reflection of any object is visible only when the water is calm, in the same way, if there is disturbance in the mind of the human being,

then the restriction of any good things cannot leave any imprint on the mind,! so the mind should always be calm where there is no peace It does not stop, to know and understand anything, it is very important to have a calm mind,

12. “Punishment happens only to someone who deserves to be punished who does not deserve it.

13. “The blessings of any elders are not less than the blessings of God.

14. “The matter that comes out of your mouth can make way for you to get blessings, and the work done can reach you till your results.

15. “Parents have a higher position than any strength in the world, higher than God.


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