Mahabharata quotes

The most important quotes of Mahabharata is the Geeta preaching to Arjuna, given by Lord Krishna,! today Inspirational DeskTops will give you some quotes from the Mahabharata preaching of Geeta presenting to you today

Mahabharata quotes

1. “Why do you fall in this fascination at this time, there will be no benefit from this, and neither do great men do such work,! And by doing such things, you will not get the pleasure of heaven, nor will the fame of you and your ancestors increase,

2. “Do not do things to the nomads, it is not right for you,! stop thinking about the small weaknesses going on in the mind, and face every trouble in life,

3. The people you are sad for are not capable of this, You talk about knowledge,! people who died or people who die now, wise people do not express their sorrow for them.

4. There was no time and era in which I was not there,! you were not there, and it is such that we will not be there in the coming time.

5. The soul comes inside our body, then comes childhood,! youth and then old age, in the same way after dying we get another body. cool men are not fascinated about this,

6. Cold summers are the result of accidental and destructive physical senses, so you should bear it,

7. Men, who consider happiness and sorrow as equal, are not distraught under any condition, they are eligible for salvation.

8. Whoever dies this soul, or celebrates it dead,! they both do not know that the soul neither kills anyone,

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