Unlucky Quotes About Bad Luck in Relationships

You should consider yourself lucky, and to understand that, Inspirational DeskTops has brought you unfortunate quotes, For those who consider themselves unlucky Or consider people around them as unfortunate

Unfortunately, people accept the people around them as the reason for things happening in their life,

They feel that today when I was leaving the house, this person had come in front of me, due to which my day was spoiled or my work was spoiled, this man is very unlucky for me,

Thinking like this, they set their thoughts in a different way without thinking that this could be their confusion as well,! Or there must have been some lapse from them, due to which their day is spoiled,! the person responsible for every bad thing happening with them, considers others only.

But whatever is going on well in their life, they consider themselves responsible, they do not want to give responsibility to others.

But this attitude of living life is not good at all, whatever happens to you is not the responsibility of anyone else but your own perspective.

Through this unlucky quotes, Inspirational DeskTops will try to remove and clarify the misery of someone taking you to a hapless mind because of the ongoing superstition.

-: Unlucky Quotes :-

1. “The superstition that one considers anyone to be unfortunate or to consider himself unfortunate when it does not work according to his mind.

2. “What you are seeing and feeling, it is due to your thought, there is no fault in it.

3. “You are never unfortunate unless you consider yourself to be unfortunate, then you are lucky enough to enjoy yourself and enjoy life more.

4. “What comes in front has no effect, whatever is on your mind only has its effect.

5. “Sometimes you feel unfortunate when you lose, but when you win, you give credit to your hard work.

6. “Your hard work is responsible only if you lose or win.

7. “If everything is not bad in life, how can you be unfortunate, then it may be due to just effort or wrong decision?

8. “Do not make any assumptions about who is lucky or who is the unlucky, this is his own life.

9. “You have got your success with hard work, not with luck, appreciate it.

10. “Blind faith does not advance you, but keeps you in a certain kind of chain.

11. “You are left behind in any sport, it does not mean that you are very unfortunate, it just means that you did not play properly. as well as

12. “It is not in my luck to speak to someone about love, it is wrong, if you were to think, then think before you love.

13. “Ignorant people are influenced by luck, but knowledgeable people are dependent on influence and effort.

14. “Your bad decisions are the same as your bad luck.

15. “If all had happened by luck, there would have been no such thing as some hard work.

I am Unlucky for Everyone Quotes

16. “After listening to such people who do not like us,! then we consider ourselves unlucky this is what they wanted.

17. “God does not make anyone fortunate, if he is formed by his thought then you can become one too.

18. “It is only the bad guys here who make anyone’s speech out of misfortune distract them. as well as

19. “Even if you do not get what you want, it does not mean that you are unlucky, just that you like that you have not tried to get this.

20. “If your preparation is not complete, now you can definitely consider yourself unfortunate. as well as


We hope that you will have helped to overcome your superstition and to get away from the habit of considering someone else as unfortunate.

You should not make any assumption about someone that he is unfortunate or he is puny or you are like that too,! Because anyone goes ahead of his life and lives a good life,! And you should understand this thing yourself and if you like all these quotes, then do share it with your friends.

If you have any kind of question, do not forget to share with us,! We give the most attention to your question, you all are respected for us. as well as.

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