Best Wrestling quotes to be Best Wrestlers

The new young generation who wants to prove their country and their own ability in wrestle, these wrestling quotes are especially for them.

Inspirational DeskTops appreciate every wrestler’s and courage to work hard with quotes. it shows a different sense of wrestling, and will fill you with passion to win.

Best Wrestling Quotes

1. “Physical strength gives you confidence, but mental strength makes you win the competition,

2. “Wrestling can be won only by understanding the strategy of your opponent before making any strategy.

3. “Wrestling should be done by an equal person, then no one has any excuse to hide the defeat.

4. “Try it, this losing will also teach you a lot

5. “No game can be won by being too aggressive, it must also be used to withstand attacks.

6. “You can not always play great but you can always look forward to playing great

7. “Even after trying your thousand, a good opponent can beat you if you have not tried more than that opponent,

8. “Keep fighting till the end of the match, just on the basis that you will not win the match, to win you have to good fight with cleverness.

9. “We are your friends, we will stand with you, but you will have to show yourself clever in the competition.

10. “There are many ways to win in wrestling, but the path of honesty is the most right, which wins your victory for much longer,

11. “It is not only necessary to work hard to get wrestled, it is also necessary to have a mental exercise.

12. “In the Mahabharata, there were more powerful warriors than Arjuna, but Arjun had the victory because Arjun had truth and honesty.

13. “Whether you win or lose while wrestling, it matters more than both of them lately how it happened

14. “The first attacker does not win the match, the last attacker wins.

15. “Being flexible can give you stability in any condition, so be flexible always

Pro wrestling quotes

16. “Eating milk and yogurt does not make you a wrestler, to become a wrestler, you have to prepare with hard work and also have to learn from practice,

17. “Since childhood, wrestling in the arena is physically strong, but in life, the fighter is mentally strong,

18. “The one who stumbles in the path learns to defraud, the one who is passing his life easily learns only the things heard

19. “The trainer tells you, but you have to show it, to do it you have to prepare based on the instructions of the trainer,

20. “Preparations have to start months before the start of combat,

21. “Your thinking gives you a new identity everywhere,

22. “You do not have to win every match to be happy, it is important to win every match honestly

23. “Believing in yourself gives you a great energy, but identifying your opponent’s strength and using your own strength can make you a winner.

24. “We admire your courage, you bump into it without knowing the strength of front.

25. “Fight if only the preparation is complete or there is no other way,

26. “Some people do not like to fight, but like to see others fight.

27. “Your brain must be healthy more than your body before you hit the ground

28. “The way you look at yourself, your opponent does not see you with that vision,

29. “In every quarrel and battle, either you win, or you learn.

30. “Whatever you want to win is on the other side of fear, go ahead if you want to win it,

Olympic Wrestling Quotes

31. “To become a winner, one has to sacrifice precious things too often.

32. “Do not give up in wrestling when you are tired, leave only when your opponent has tired and given up

33. “The winner is that when they get tired, they start fighting with more passion,

34. “Failure never stops being successful but helps you succeed, if you learn something from it,

35. “Wrestling teaches self-control more permanently than any other sport

36. “When you decide that you want to succeed and how much to succeed, then your priority should also be decided.

37. “When you start to move forward, people behind you can pull you back, but your focus should only be on moving yourself.

38. “Gold medal not made of gold, but they are more valuable than gold,! because they get hard work and lots of competitors.

39. “Gold medals are not made of gold, but they are more valuable than gold, because for this have to do hard work and beat lots of competitors.

40. “There are many real elements in life that help us to be successful and to create the spirituality, we should only focus on those things

Battle Team Quotes

41. “If you punch someone, then speed should be so fast that he falls on the ground, or if he does not feel it, then due to the strong wind of the punch, fall on the bed, being sick.

42. “Nobody knows what is the last rank of happiness in life, only by winning the battle you can not get it

43. “Those people who call you crazy and cynical, you can engage them in your work by speaking well to them.

44. “You do not have to be out of the fight that you have come to win, to be out means to lose before you play.

45. “When you show your goodness in the midst of battle, you will lose, but when you are ready to do whatever you think of, you will win,

46. “When you are having a bad time, this is the beginning, not the end, even though some people may say that it is the last.

47. “I do not know of any activity which creates more humility and confidence in a human than wrestling.

48. “The art of living can be learned from wrestling more than you can perform or singing.

49. “Your defeat is not permanent until you give up completely,

50. “You become a winner only when you prepare thousands of hours of hard work for a single moment,

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